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Wireless is a profession. Where the end user establishes the connection with your network, this is where the specialist's intuition comes into its own. Our mission is to let you experience that a reliable and solid WiFi network is possible. With attention to your needs and by making optimal use of modern techniques, our specialists design and build a WiFi network that makes you happy.

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Your WiFi network really has to work, naturally

When your LAN and WAN part is properly arranged, you also want to be able to use it up to the 'capillaries' of your network: the WiFi. The WiFi is also the showcase of your network. If something is not working properly, the WiFi is often to blame.

Everyone, both business and private, wants to be able to work wirelessly anywhere, anytime. There is a great need for freedom and wireless working is a godsend. This desire for freedom ensures, however contradictory, that we are increasingly dependent on these wireless network connections. The availability and capacity of the WiFi network are therefore of great importance. Not only people are online, but also 'things'. Think of scanners, printers, access control, alarm and heating systems. Together they form a large “internet of things”. Endless applications that put the security of your network to the test.

Our WiFi solutions:

  • WiFi projects
  • Network Access Control
  • WiFi-as-a-Service
  • WiFi Troubleshooting
  • WiFi Training

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