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Would you like to create and maintain a solid and secure WAN connection in the most difficult places? Where the situation demands the utmost, where everyone says that no network connection is possible, R&D of Procyon Networks comes with the solution: VP-Anylink.

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VP-Anylink | Overal internet

Always and everywhere internet by bundling multiple (mobile) connections

VP-Anylink is our unique solution that ensures that, wherever you are, you can benefit from all possible connections to the internet, cloud, WAN and (W) LAN. VP-Anylink ensures maximum possible performance by:

  • Transparent bundling of various channels enables a stable connection at high speed
  • Bundling multiple channels, fixed and mobile (LTE, GPRS, UMTS, EDGE, HSDP, HSUPA, satellite, radio link, fiber, copper) for maximum spread of the risk of interference
  • Provider transcending: by combining different providers (mobile and / or fixed) you are no longer dependent on the underlying network of one of the providers

The VP-Anylink is more than a simple 4G router, not only in terms of performance but also security. Network traffic through VP-Anylink is encrypted at all times using the equipment on each side of the lines. Your own VPN solution can also be easily combined.

Depending on the challenge of the application, the VP-Anylink can be set up and expanded modularly. How many different providers, how many channels, together with you we will help you determine what is needed for the application.

Reliable and fully taken care of
It doesn't need much explanation that this brings reliability to an unprecedented high level. In addition, Procyon Networks delivers the service fully configured and complete with 24/7 monitoring. Our service is fully guaranteed by our specialist network support. Insight into performance is also available to you as a customer 24/7. If desired, we can complete our VP-Anylink service by supplying subscriptions from various providers.

The VP-Anylink offers you:

  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Highest possible availability at any location
  • Secure connection, secured against eavesdropping
  • Rugged, rack-mountable model chassis
  • Also applicable in mobile (manned / unmanned) vehicles
  • Including WiFi, expandable to VP-Anygrid using multiple VP-Anylinks
  • Fully implemented with care
  • Back office links as desired
  • Preserved local IP addresses where desired
  • 24/7 monitoring and support SLA
  • Including (mobile) data subscriptions (if desired)

We deliver the service out-of-the-box to you anytime. Today, if necessary.

In our VP-Anylink solution all the expertise (Knowledge-Hardware-Software) of our company is reflected. We are able to offer more far-reaching solutions than others, by combining our strength as a company: flexible and vendor-neutral, solid (in everything) and extremely high availability of network connection. As a supplier of vital professional groups and sectors, we are uniquely able to switch quickly if necessary.

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