SolarWinds Maintenance renewals

Keep your software up-to-date

Renewing your SolarWinds maintenance contract ensures that your monitoring environment remains up-to-date. You can arrange your SolarWinds renewal quickly and cost-effective via Procyon Networks.

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SolarWinds Licentie renewals

Up-to-date software for a healthy and safe monitoring environment

Active software maintenance gives you immediate access to all of SolarWinds major and minor (security) updates, technical support, beta and release candidate programs, and special customer events.
It improves the functionality of your monitoring and the security of your ICT environment.

SolarWinds maintenance cost-effective via Procyon Networks

With the purchase of SolarWinds licenses one year of maintenance & support is included . Extending the SolarWinds maintenance & support after the first year is a very valuable investment.

Arrange SolarWinds maintenance renewals quickly and economically via Procyon Networks. You will receive our cost-effective quote well before the end date of your SolarWinds maintenance support. You then have time to make your choice.

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Synchronize maintenance renewal dates

Do you have multiple SolarWinds licenses with different end dates? By synchronizing the SolarWinds renewal dates (co-terming) you simplify the annual renewal process.

Co-terming allows you to select one renewal date for all your SolarWinds licenses. It's a simple, one-time process that makes it easy to keep your SolarWinds licenses up to date.

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Co-term or synchronize your modules?

SolarWinds Maintenance Renewal - 4 valuable reasons:

The SolarWinds Maintenance program is an annual investment. Although it is not mandatory to renew the support & maintenance of your SolarWinds licenses, Procyon Networks highly recommends you to do so. There are countless valuable reasons for this. Below an overview of just four of the valuable reasons.

1. Numerous software updates

SolarWinds frequently releases new versions of its software. Numerous mayor and minor releases improve the functionality of the SolarWinds modules, allowing your monitoring to keep up with technological developments.

The development teams quickly incorporate new developments and feedback from the field of technology professionals into the new releases. The high frequency of new releases and the input from the field makes the SolarWinds Maintenance Renewal Program unique.

All new major and minor releases of SolarWinds software are only available for licenses with active maintenance & support.

2. Additional software - extended functionality

SolarWinds often provides additional software components that allow you to extend the functionality of your licenses.

These components are only available if your software is under active “maintenance & support” and can be downloaded directly from the SolarWinds customer portal.

A few examples of these components are:

SolarWinds Poller Migration Utility

Migrate a SolarWinds Poller to a complete SolarWinds installation.

SolarWinds NCM Connector for SmartAdvisor(TM)

Run health checks on Cisco devices and generate reports with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) and SmartAdvisor.

SolarWinds Management Pack for Microsoft Systeemcentrum

Displays data from SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and Server & Application Monitor (SAM).

3. SolarWinds monitoring - rapid evolution

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and SolarWinds' products enable you to get the most out of new techniques once they are available on the market and deployed widely.

Keeping your SolarWinds licenses under active maintenance gives you access to new SolarWinds releases, including support for the latest technologies, such as:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon-webservices
  • Cisco Nexus C9236C and Cisco Catalyst 2800 Switch
  • Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance-firewall
  • VMware vSphere, ESX, en ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Support for wireless access points, including: Ruckus Wireless, Meru Networks, Cisco, HP, and Aruba
  • Windows Server 2019

4. 24/7 Technical support

The SolarWinds Global Technical Support team is happy to help you with any challenges you encounter. You will receive a quick response by telephone and via the user-friendly ticket system. You can follow the progress via your customer portal.

You can also use the SolarWinds Success Center where you can browse all support resources (documentation, videos, training, knowledge base articles, etc.) or browse resources by product.

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SolarWinds Security solutions

Reduce the chance of attacks, control access and improve compliance with these IT security solutions from SolarWinds:

Frequently asked questions

What is SolarWinds Orion?

SolarWinds Orion is a monitoring system for heterogeneous ICT environments that can monitor ICT systems brand-independently.

Due to the modular design of SolarWinds Orion, it can monitor your complete ICT infrastructure. Think of the network, servers, applications, databases, storage, security and even application and network performance.

The presentation of the collected data is completely flexible and can be individually arranged in the dashboards as desired.

The SolarWinds API is so extensive that you can read all information automatically and perform actions. SolarWinds Orion can therefore be fully integrated with, for example, CMDB and provisioning systems.

SolarWinds Orion is the definition of complete outside-the-box monitoring.

How can I get more information about SolarWinds Orion modules?

Please contact our specialized SolarWinds employees for:

  • Purchase and renewals of the software
  • Independent advice (software, installation and implementation)
  • Choice in training courses
  • Support and custom scripting
  • Request demo of trials
  • More information about the modules
Which modules are covered during the SolarWinds Orion training?

Our SolarWinds Orion courses usually have the Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) or Server & Application Monitoring (SAM) module as a basis. This depends on your primary network monitoring objective.
If desired, other SolarWinds modules can be included in the training

In which languages are the SolarWinds courses given?

The training courses at Procyon Networks are given in Dutch or English. Please let us know your preference.

Where are the SolarWinds Orion trainings held?

The SolarWinds training courses are generally given in-company. If you do not have the opportunity or space for this, we will arrange a suitable location in consultation with you.

SolarWinds has its own online virtual classrooms. Why should I take a training at Procyon Networks?

Feedback from people who first followed the virtual classrooms shows that after our SolarWinds training they have a better overview, more in-depth knowledge and a better sense of context. Concepts of what is possible in SolarWinds fit in much better in relation to each other.

In addition, our SolarWinds training courses are more interactive and our training courses are more tailor-made, even during the training.

What is the SolarWinds SCP exam?

SCP stands for SolarWinds Certified Professional. This exam is administered by SolarWinds.

I want to take the SolarWinds SCP exam. How can Procyon Networks help me prepare for this?

Procyon Networks can certainly help you with your preparation for the SolarWinds SCP exam*. We have developed the SolarWinds Master training especially for this.

*SCP stands SolarWinds Certified Professional

When do I need an ICT network specialist?

Please contact Procyon Networks if you:

  • Have questions about anything related to the ICT-network field regarding current or future challenges.
  • Want to be sure that the ICT-network works well and continues to function well.
  • Want independent advice on data communication.
  • Want to offer your ICT-team the best management tools and/or have them expand their knowledge through training. 
What is code signing in for software?

With code signing, a software developer uses a certificate to certify all code as 'legitimate from this manufacturer'. So with code signing you normally know for sure that something comes from, for example, SolarWinds.

Code signing certificates must be renewed periodically. The software manufacturer normally uses this certificate for all products it releases.

Does Procyon Networks also offer online SolarWinds training courses?

Because of the depth, intensity and interactive nature of our training courses, between teacher and participants and also between participants themselves, we provide our SolarWinds training courses exclusively in class.

Are there SolarWinds Orion training courses scheduled for which I can register?

Our training courses are tailor-made for customers with a minimum of three participants (in-company). We do not provide SolarWinds training courses with an open registration.

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