SolarWinds Training

Better monitoring thanks to our SolarWinds training courses

SolarWinds software helps you to optimize the management of your IT environment. Simply install the software and import the nodes, and you already have some insight into your IT environment. With our training courses you get the full potential from this very extensive monitoring software.

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SolarWinds training

Basic, Advanced and Helpdesk courses

You have experienced that the SolarWinds software will help you manage your complex IT environment. Then of course you want to use all the possibilities of the software. When we visit customers, who have not followed any training, we often see a working basic design but there is a feeling of:

  • "we are not getting the most out of this software at all"
  • "we see options we don't know what can be done with it"
  • "SolarWinds should be able to do this, but we don't know how"
  • "we lack the time to figure it out for ourselves"

The advantage of the SolarWinds software is that you are not forced to look at the IT environment in a certain way. The disadvantage of this is that the flexibility and possibilities can be a bit overwhelming at first. As a result, people often choose the first solution that seems to work sufficiently.

The trainers of Procyon Networks are very skilled in providing various SolarWinds training courses due to their expertise and practical experience. They will help you to get the full potential from the SolarWinds monitoring software.

The Procyon Networks training courses are practice-oriented and adaptive. The level and pace of the training are adapted to the participants so that everyone gets the maximum return from their training.

The SolarWinds training courses usually take the Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) or Server & Application Monitoring (SAM) module as a basis, depending on your primary monitoring objective. Other modules can be included in the training when desired.

Procyon Networks offers the following training courses:

  • The Helpdesk training is for users of an implemented SolarWinds monitoring system. After the training, a user knows how to navigate through the system, which information can be found and how notifications are handled;
  • The Basic training is for administrators of the SolarWinds system. The training indicates working methods for the implementation and design of the devices and applications in the SolarWinds system in such a way that this can be applied quickly and conveniently for users. Key topics are "Adding to SolarWinds", User accounts, Views, Custom properties, grouping, Dependencies, Alerting en reporting;
  • The Advanced training is a follow-up training for administrators. The training is a further deepening of the topics from the Basic training supplemented with installation designs, Universal Device Polling, Diagnose, Troubleshooting, Management Reporting and Chain monitoring.
    Additional custom options include:
    • Trouble-shooting
    • SolarWinds Query Language (SWQL)
    • SAM Scripting
    • API Scripting

You define the objective of the course; we make you a tailor-made offer.

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