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Expert, reliable and agile service

Procyon Networks manages the ICT networks of a wide range of customers. Together with your ICT employees, we guarantee the stability of these networks. Through our work behind the scenes, we ensure that you can trust that your business processes will naturally function carefree every day.

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2e / 3e lijns beheer

Network management - customized support

Procyon Networks ensures that you experience the peace of mind necessary to be able to continue building on applications for your organization. For this a stable network is a must-have. We provide tailor-made support in the form of 2nd and / or 3rd line support:

  • 2nd/3rd level support: Your helpdesk employees contact our expert engineers at the service desk. Incidents are investigated and resolved, changes are planned, prepared and implemented in consultation.
  • 3rd level support: Your experienced IT employees have a network specialist as a partner for complex reports to come to a fast and adequate solution. Knowledge transfer is an important part of the solution.

We offer you a choice of various SLA levels, from Next Business Day to the highest 24x7 level.

Your ICT employees have direct contact with one of our engineers, who will handle your issue in its entirety. This continuity speeds up the solution process. All issues are registered in our support portal, where you can find all information about your issue.

With years of experience, knowledge, skills and the right tooling, our support department ensures proactive management of your network:

  • SLA at various levels
  • Service desk, a network specialist at your disposal
  • Proactive management activities (such as performing software updates, hotfixes)
  • Trend analyzes for anticipating the future
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting
  • SLA reports and Service Level Management
  • Knowledge transfer to your organization

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