Quick Scan

The fast ICT network 'healthcheck'

The Quick Scan is a perfect option for quick insight into your ICT network. It will show whether improvements are needed and whether you can support major changes and new applications without worries. Sometimes a fresh look is exactly what you need to gather new insights and help where your own time or knowledge may be lacking.

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Quick Scan – swift insight and certainty

The Quick Scan of Procyon Networks is a 'second opinion' on your IT-network. Within a short time, possible points of concern in your IT-network will become visible. In addition, the scan will reveal whether expansions or modifications planned by you can be supported by the current IT-network. You will receive that assurance within a few days. 

This 'baseline measurement' offers you insight into the performance, scalability, availability and security of your IT-network and (cloud) applications, even if the infrastructure is provided by an external party. We look into your IT-network for important configurations and best practices in design in addition to the measurable performance of your IT-environment:

  • LAN
  • WLAN (WiFi)
  • WAN

Procyon Networks’ network specialists analyse your IT-network at your location cooperating with your administrators.

To round off the Quick Scan, we present you with a clear, readable report with both technical and management information. This is your 'inspection report' with concrete improvement proposals where necessary. With these proposals you can adapt your IT-network to the desired standard. Ready for the future.

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