Network and Application performance

A network and application analysis gives you an independent view of your ICT environment. At your request, we screen your environment and report the status in a clear picture of your network. Our findings are the basis for solutions and a breakthrough to a stable and well-functioning network.

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Netwerk en Applicatie performance

Network and application analysis for a healthy ICT network

Our network analysis are both preventive and reactive. There may be an acute problem for which you need an immediate solution. Or an application may not work as well as intended. Whatever the reason you want to make sure that your network is currently functioning properly and is future-proof.

In Analysis we distinguish two main topics:

  • Network design & performance - we look at all aspects that are important for a solid and secure functioning network.
  • Application performance - using your network to see how applications function and searching for any possible bottlenecks.

Procyon Networks ensures that you are informed of the quality of your network in clear and understandable language. In our independent Analysis we take a closer look at the following matters:

  • Are all components functioning properly
  • Are there any issues and how can we solve them
  • Is the network design exactly as you expected
  • Is your network scalable and future-proof
  • Does the network meet your security requirements

We offer you our analytical skills in various forms, such as: Trouble shooting, Quick Health Scan or more in-depth and detailing by using our Network Audit.

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