Upgrade to 5G Mobile Viprinet – Multiple Bundled WAN


Via 5G everywhere and always reliable and secure bundled connection thanks to mobile unit.

Upgrade to 5G Mobile Viprinet – Multiple Bundled WAN

Bundled secure 5G – anywhere, anytime

The upgrade to 5G of all Viprinet units has started!
RIVM has been using our Viprinet solutions for years. As a result, the mobile labs and the portable back-up unit of the RIVM have solid and secure WAN connections everywhere and at all times. Even where a network connection is not considered possible.

The upgrade to 5G enables the bundled connection to offer an even higher bandwidth. More data can be sent at a higher speed. With 5G, RIVM has an upgrade by a factor of 4 compared to the previous 4G units.

During calamities, even during the highest state of alert, RIVM must be able to communicate at all times and anywhere. Internal communication is crucial. Viprinet offers an extremely secure and stable connection to the backbone of the RIVM at any location at any time without cabling. The network traffic is encrypted and is also inspected 24/7.

24/7 Secure network traffic

All network traffic is inspected and monitored 24/7 by our Fortigate firewalls. The firewalls ensure that data traffic is controlled on the basis of the set policies. The WAN connection is therefore protected 24/7 against various threats, such as unauthorized access, viruses, malware and other harmful network activities.


What is Viprinet? In brief.

The ability to make a triple 5G connection with 3 different providers is unique and is not offered by any provider. Thanks to the advanced technology, bundled multiple bandwidth is automatically used.

By bundling the 3 connections, a higher bandwidth is available and the connection is also redundant. If a provider fails, there is less bandwidth, but the connection remains intact.

The Viprinet units are fully managed by Procyon Networks. The equipment is monitored 24/7, appropriate action is taken immediately in case of incidents and the internal software is always kept up-to-date by us.

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