SolarWinds Orion integration through API interfacing


SolarWinds Orion integration through API interfacing

Procyon Networks has developed integration software to feed StackState software with topology data, status information and events.

Who is StackState?

Our customer StackState makes software for its end customers that is used within complex hybrid ICT environments. The software collects data from all kinds of source systems and can use artificial intelligence to make connections between devices, applications, events and changes. In this way, the impact of a change on business processes and the root cause of an incident can be quickly determined in advance.

For StackState customers using SolarWinds as a monitoring system for their network, SolarWinds can be a source system for StackState.

API interfacing by Procyon Networks

Creating a smooth, robust integration requires an understanding of how the software functions “underwater”. Thanks to in-depth knowledge of the SolarWinds API and ICT networks, we can effectively extract data from the SolarWinds database for integration with the StackState software.

SolarWinds software integration – steps in development

To achieve an effective integration, Procyon Networks proceeds as follows:

  • In a short time, familiarize yourself with the relevant parts of the StackState software at a functional and especially at a technical level
  • Gain insight into the method and development standards of StackState. The software has to fit seamlessly with the way StackState develops and that is why (in this case) a lot of attention is paid to:
    • Object orientation – how is the software structured
    • Automated unit testing – how is the software tested
    • Documentation – how is it documented

During every phase and during every step, there is intensive collaboration between StackState and Procyon Networks.

This project is a good example of how the comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) provided by SolarWinds can be used in a professional manner to enable integration between SolarWinds and other systems.

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