Secure and stable WiFi for fire stations – 50+ locations

Security region

Secure and stable WiFi for fire stations – 50+ locations

An on-premise WiFi-as-a-Service solution to replace the outdated, underperforming WiFi network. The new WiFi network for more than 50 locations has been rolled out entirely according to plan, including full implementation and configuration.

For the more than 50 fire and ambulance stations of a large security region, the new WiFi network must meet the highest security and stability requirements. In addition, the scalability of the WiFi network must be as broad as possible in order to be able to move along future organizational developments.

The WiFi network must be designed and constructed in such a way that it can also handle possible future mergers. Changes in the total number of locations, the number of separate networks and/or the number of simultaneously connecting devices must be relatively quick and easy to implement.

Advanced WiFi network for fire brigade and ambulance

Via the advanced WiFi network in the fire and ambulance stations, the data of an incident is communicated directly to the equipment in the vehicles at lightning speed. It all happens while the first responders are getting ready. In this way, the crew has the necessary information before departure.

Both fire trucks and ambulances are essentially metal cages and metal is a major disruptor to WiFi (Faraday cage and reflections). The security region expected that this fact in particular would be too great a challenge for stable and secure functioning WiFi. 

Technological challenges aside, the physical environment is a factor that requires special attention when making the WiFi design. Fire and ambulance barracks are not standard buildings. There are often metal constructions that affect the quality of the WiFi network. When determining the locations of the APs, it is also necessary to take into account physically difficult to reach places where WiFi must be made possible.

Thanks to our measurements, our design and the access points (AP’s) we used, this challenge has been met very successfully. Via the new advanced WiFi network, the data easily reaches the equipment in fire trucks and ambulances. Wherever they are in the stations.


But first, the LAN network scan

Before installing the new WiFi network, we first perform a network scan on the LAN network. The aim is to assure the security region that the LAN is also well prepared for the new WiFi so that data communication from the WiFi can LANd properly.

A network scan of the LAN usually includes the following:

  • Network performance: including transmit/receive errors, discards, speeds achieved, latency, packet loss, etc.)
  • Status and (Over)load of network equipment: CPU load, network traffic peak load, number of free ports, PoE power availability, out-of-maintenance/outdated firmware
  • Security issues: network design issues, VLANs, 2-factor authentication managers

WiFi-as-a-Service – carefree excellence

With WiFi-as-a-Service (WaaS) from Procyon Networks, the security region can use its highly secure WiFi network carefree in the coming years.

In the coming years, we will maintain the WiFi network by means of software updates, rapid replacement in the event of defects and taking care of minor changes as desired by the customer. In addition, where necessary on location, the network is scaled up or down whenever necessary.

The security region remains informed of the status, the use of the network, the amount of data, and of activities carried out on the network. The security region is informed by us every quarter via SLA and WiFi Usage reports and personal conversations, among other things. 

Part of our WaaS is that the ICT team of the security region has its own monitoring dashboards for the WaaS components and their own PoE switches, so that the helpdesk of the security region can provide support to the team. The information from the dashboards provides insight to answer first-line questions that come in at the helpdesk.

Other benefits of WiFi-as-a-Service:

  • Spread of financial investment (OPEX vs CAPEX)
  • Carefree and secure WiFi – Not enough manpower and know how? Thanks to our WaaS, your IT team can focus on other priorities
  • 24/7 monitoring – The network is always monitored with fast response
  • Alerting in case of incidents
  • Your WiFi network always up to date 

Ready for the future. The completely renewed WiFi network enables innovative applications that make the work of the emergency services easier and more efficient.

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