LAN + WiFi for new construction

Dynamiek Scholengroep

LAN + WiFi for new construction

KC STip is moving from its current 2 locations in Tienray and Swolgen to its own new location in Swolgen. Procyon Networks has been involved from the drawing up of the blueprint for advice to the installation of a completely new LAN and WiFi network (including connection to the internet) that is part of the ICT network of Dynamiek Scholengroep (19 locations). In order to offer the students study opportunities outside, a rural outdoor space has been designed, which includes a “WiFi tree”.

The relocation of the ICT network to this new location is also provided by Procyon Networks, including the telephony, printer connections and Skool box. KC STip has a robust, future-proof and secure ICT network at her new location.

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