Completely new indoor + outdoor WiFi network – 4 locations

Scheuten Glas

Completely new indoor + outdoor WiFi network – 4 locations

Scheuten Glas is one of the Dutch market leaders in developing and producing high quality glass products for the international construction industry with several locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

For its 4 locations, the WiFi network needs to be modernized and expanded. Everywhere, in production halls, offices and outdoor areas, you have to work flawlessly with mobile devices such as laptops, hand scanners, mobile devices. The new WiFi network is an important investment to enable future developments in logistics and production processes. This requires a fully covering, future-proof and reliable indoor and outdoor WiFi network.

Procyon Networks is designing and installing an extremely high-availability WiFi environment. There are numerous damping/reflection sources in the production and storage areas that represent a great challenge in the design phase. When making the design, high availability, security and stability are leading.

The WiFi network can be managed centrally. In addition, several SSIDs are linked to different VLANs and a captive portal has been set up for the guest portal.

Because Scheuten Glas has its own ICT department, Procyon Networks supplies the highly available WiFi network including transfer and training and 3rd line support.

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