SolarWinds Security - change of code signing certificate

Advice: update your SolarWinds software to the latest version before 8 March

SolarWinds Security - change of code signing certificate

SolarWinds continued to search for a structural solution following the security problem last December. Part of this is replacing the 'code signing' certificate.

What does this mean for SolarWinds?

SolarWinds cannot guarantee that the current 'code signing' certificate is secure. The only correct solution for this is to replace the current certificate with a new certificate.

In addition, the old certificate will be marked as invalid (revoked). This means that during installation or changes, Windows checks whether the software is on a so-called Certificate Revocation List (CRL). If so, Windows will refuse to install the software. Anti-virus software can also mark this software as 'unsafe' from certificate revocation.

What does this mean for you?

  • Update your SolarWinds software to the most recent version as soon as possible - this will replace the old code signing certificates
  • The latest software versions with upgrade instructions can be found via your SolarWinds portal
  • You must have carried out the software updates by 8 March at the latest
  • After March 8, software with the current certificate will be considered 'unsafe' by Windows and anti-virus software
  • Out of maintenance? SolarWinds still offers you access to the adapted software

If you are using one of the following products (available via the link below), we strongly advise you to take action before March 8.

Link to SolarWinds Security Advisor.

Link to SolarWinds New Digital Code-Signing Certificate

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