Mobile VP-Anylink for RIVM - Multiple bundled 4G

Always and everywhere reliable and secure 4G connection available thanks to a mobile unit

Mobile VP-Anylink for RIVM - Multiple bundled 4G

Bundled secure 4G - anywhere, anytime

It’s essential to RIVM to be able to communicate anytime and anywhere during calamities, even during the highest state of alert. Internal communication is crucial in this. For this purpose, RIVM has been using VP-Anylink, a solution from Procyon Networks, in its monitoring vehicles for years. A portable mobile solution has now been requested that can make an extremely secure and stable connection to the RIVM backbone at any given location without any cabling.

The solution must meet the following requirements:

  • Mobile, robust and portable
  • 4G connection via 3 different providers (bundled)
  • Secure
  • Stable
  • Connection via WiFi or Ethernet cable
  • Possibility for satellite uplink (in addition to 4G)

VP-Anylink in a flight case

The solution is the special portable version of VP-Anylink developed by Procyon Networks. The possibility to connect a triple 4G connection with 3 different providers is unique and is not offered by any provider. The mobile VP-Anylink is delivered in a flight case so that the equipment can be transported and used easily and safely.

Equipped with all the functionalities desired by RIVM, a secure 4G connection can be established anywhere and anytime by means of the mobile VP-Anylink. Thanks to our advanced technology, bundled multiple bandwidth is automatically used.

The mobile VP-Anylink is fully managed by Procyon Networks. We ensure that the service is monitored 24/7, in case of incidents, action is taken immediately and that the internal software is always up-to-date.

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