Mobile defense lab with VP Anylink for Corona testing

The mobile lab of Defense for Corona tests is equipped with the VP-Anylink of Procyon Networks. Our solution provides data communication for the lab vehicle.

Mobile defense lab with VP Anylink for Corona testing

Mobile data communication - fast and secure

Fast and reliable information can be of vital importance in times of an emergency. The mobile lab of the Ministry of Defence is used in such situations. Most recently during the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. The mobile defence lab is used for the execution of Covid-19 tests. The VP Anylink solution from Procyon Networks provides data communication to and from the lab vehicle. This allows defense employees in the field to exchange data in real time.

"We want the same solution that RIVM uses, it works really well".

That was the request from Defense to Procyon Networks. With the VP-Anylink, multiple providers are linked into a stable, fast bundle. Even if all but 1 provider fails, the connection remains stable. As a result, the Defense lab vehicle is always connected, everywhere (through the different coverage areas per provider). The connection is fast, solid and it always works (just like the RIVM).

The service around the VP Anylink is fully managed (maintained) and monitored by Procyon Networks. Defense can devote its full attention to its important tasks.

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