ICT Network two primary schools Skopos migrated

As a pilot, the schools' t Kwekkeveld and de Vossenberg now also have a faster and secure ICT network.

ICT Network two primary schools Skopos migrated

ICT Network Pilot

As the first of the schools of Skopos Schijndel, a new ICT network has been realized in a building used by the schools 't Kwekkeveld en de Vossenberg. The new ICT network environment was implemented, configured and tested during the autumn holidays. On the Monday after the autumn holidays, the students and teachers started using the ICT network under the watchful eye of school ICT-er Jacques Vos and the attending Procyon Networks employee. The ICT network components are included in the monitoring and are now monitored 24x7 hours.

New WiFi environment

As part of the new ICT Network environment, a new WiFi solution has also been implemented at both schools. By integrating the ICT network, devices from both schools can be used throughout the building without losing their WiFi connection. The next step will be to unify WiFi access across all Skopos schools and to make access more secure by using personal accounts.

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