Dynamiek primary school De Schakel added to network management

As the 20th school of the Dynamiek foundation, De Schakel can also benefit from a faster and secure ICT network.

Dynamiek primary school De Schakel added to network management

ICT Network De Schakel

Since Procyon Networks has started doing network management (LAN and WiFi) for 19 schools of Stichting Dynamiek last year, it is now also the turn for the last school, BS De Schakel. A faster and secure network has been designed and implemented as part of the professionalization of the ICT environment. The new equipment was implemented and configured last week, after which all functionalities were extensively tested and approved. The ICT network components are included in the monitoring and are now monitored 24x7 hours.

New UTP cabling

The UTP cabling on De Schakel has been expanded so much in the past that it was unclear which cabling came out where. In order to be able to manage this location properly, new cabling was installed from the wall sockets to the new patch cabinet as was advised by Procyon Networks. This job was done by an electrical company during the summer vacation.

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