Clear, 'in your face' alerts that cannot be missed

See the latest alerts immediately, without staring at dashboards, reading mail or viewing SMS messages.

Clear, 'in your face' alerts that cannot be missed

Alert Notification Tool - focus on incidents

In response to specific questions from several customers, Procyon Networks has developed a Windows & MacOS notification tool that notifies new alerts via the OS. Our Alert Notification Tool uses the 'Notification Area' for Windows and the 'Notification Center' for MacOS. This way of reporting is clear, well-organized and fits seamlessly into the workflow of every user. 

From customization to universal tool

Procyon Networks has been doing custom software development for various IT challenges of its customers for years. These often relate to additions to and interfacing of monitoring tools. Starting with SolarWinds Orion, the new Alert Notification Tool will be the first in a series of products to make the use of enterprise monitoring even easier and most of all more proactive. Alerts are an indication of problems. You want to respond quickly to that.

Alert Notification Tool - features:

  • Alle relevant alerts visible via OS notifications
  • Set up your overview and filter by what is important to you
  • Confirm alerts to show that you are working on them
  • Add notes to the alert
  • 'Do not disturb' button when needed

Expansions planned at short notice:

  • IOS Version
  • Android Version
  • Support for other enterprise monitoring tools

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