Overview and insight into your IT environment

Your primary business processes must be available 24x7. To guarantee this, monitoring your network components, servers, databases, applications and other components is crucial.

Procyon Networks helps with a proper monitoring to map out all parts in an orderly manner, to guard them and to inform you in good time about possible issues. You will have full control over your IT environment.

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Overzicht en inzicht in uw ICT omgeving


Proactive management with real-time monitoring

24x7 Monitoring provides insight and overview of your IT environment. Your monitoring informs you immediately in case of deviations so that you can take corrective action quickly. At the same time, you also collect information so that you can identify growth and overload in time and take proactive measures:

  • Dashboards
  • Chainmonitoring (all dependencies in sight)
  • Alerting should an anomaly occur
  • Trend analyzes for long-term insight
  • Reports

24x7 Monitoring means that your company’s IT network is continuously and actively monitored. In the event of deviations from set limit values, depending on the seriousness of the situation, warnings or alerts are generated so that immediate measures can be taken to resolve the incident. These alerts can be displayed passively on an overview or be actively reported to your (consignment) employees by email or SMS.

24x7 monitoring means that measurement data is collected from the equipment in your company network. These measurement data are processed into trends so that growth and overload are quickly visible. You can proactively take measures to prevent future issues. 

Your company’s IT-network which Procyon Networks manages for you is provided with 24x7 monitoring. Our specialists set up the monitoring in accordance with the management contract as established with you. Should there be an issue, it will be actively detected. Our specialists will ensure a quick and professional recovery or correction. Your colleagues can safely rely on your company’s IT-network.

For your monitoring environment, you can contact us for:

  • Software advice
  • Software purchase - licenses and maintenance renewal
  • (Re) designing the monitoring environment
  • Technical application management
  • Training
  • Carefree: 24/7 Monitoring-as-a-Service

In addition to network architects, Procyon Networks has its own R&D department. Our developers also develop their own products, where existing solutions in the market do not meet the demand.

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