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Every network is subject to the transformation initiated by the many cloud-based apps, virtualization, Bring Your Own Devices and the Internet of Things. All these innovations blur the boundaries of your network. This also increases the possibilities for hackers to access your data. Procyon Networks provides insight into the risks and possibilities for security of your IT-network.

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Network Security – protecting your data against threat

Procyon Networks’ specialists provide security solutions in every life-cycle status of your IT-network. With a network security scan, we examine your network to gain insight into the security status and possible impact on your important application chains. Vulnerabilities are clearly indicated and provided with solutions. Your employees can start immediately implementing the recommendations.

Security is your top priority. New threats are constantly being developed. It is and remains a balancing of risks and actions to reduce the risks. Security is an issue at every level in your IT-network. Risks arise in an IT-network that is not maintained, but changes also introduce risks. Security requires constant attention, not only in your IT-network, but throughout your organization.

A few examples of our security solutions:       

  • Separated networks
  • Web filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • Antivirus
  • Network Access Control
  • Security by design
  • Health Check / Network audit

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Frequently asked questions

What is WPA3 security?

WPA3 is a new and stronger security protocol for modern wireless networks (WiFi). The term stands for WiFi Protected Access.

Thanks to modern encryption methods (Simultanious Authentication of Equeals - SAE), increased security is ensured. This encryption prevents passwords for your WiFi network from being tried through with the help of word lists.

Other security functions are also mandatory, such as PMF (Protected Management Frames). This creates a more secure exchange of data during the logon phase between the client and the WiFi network (controller).

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