SolarWinds Software Development

SolarWinds Add-ons, API Interfacing and Integration

Procyon Networks helps you to fully automate SolarWinds and integrate it with your other systems. To enable this, we use the extensive Application Programming Interface (API) for data exchange with applications in your IT environment.

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SolarWinds Software Ontwikkeling

SolarWinds Add-ons, API interfacing and integration

Procyon Networks has years of experience with the extensive Application Programming Interface (API) that SolarWinds offers. We will help you to automate repetitive tasks within SolarWinds and thus achieve enormous time savings. For several large organizations we have reduced tasks to a few minutes that would normally take weeks to process.

This leads to simplification of management and the prevention of errors. Examples of automated tasks are:

  • Create and modify content of a large number of views/dashboards
  • Duplication of groups with different content per group
  • Create Network Atlas Maps with other nodes, applications, etc. per map

In addition to automating tasks, the API can also be used excellently for bi-directional integration in other systems. For example, the automatic 'provisioning' of new equipment can be managed from a sales or ticket system to seamlessly integrate SolarWinds into your own workflow. It is also possible to retrieve performance data and technical data from the SolarWinds system for use elsewhere.

In-depth knowledge of SolarWinds and programming is required to enable this automation and integration. Procyon Networks combines both for the development of:

  • Add-ons - useful tools to simplify working with SolarWinds
  • Interfacing - retrieving information for use in other systems
  • Integration - full integration into your workflow

This development varies from small tools with a specific goal to the complete automation of time-consuming and often error-prone processes. Because our specialists know the SolarWinds system through and through, we will help you to achieve a solid result. Together with your own specialists, we create the solution as you envision it.

You let us know what you need, we will make it happen.

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Frequently asked questions

What is SolarWinds Orion?

SolarWinds Orion is a monitoring system for heterogeneous ICT environments that can monitor ICT systems brand-independently.

Due to the modular design of SolarWinds Orion, it can monitor your complete ICT infrastructure. Think of the network, servers, applications, databases, storage, security and even application and network performance.

The presentation of the collected data is completely flexible and can be individually arranged in the dashboards as desired.

The SolarWinds API is so extensive that you can read all information automatically and perform actions. SolarWinds Orion can therefore be fully integrated with, for example, CMDB and provisioning systems.

SolarWinds Orion is the definition of complete outside-the-box monitoring.

How can I get more information about SolarWinds Orion modules?

Please contact our specialized SolarWinds employees for:

  • Purchase and renewals of the software
  • Independent advice (software, installation and implementation)
  • Choice in training courses
  • Support and custom scripting
  • Request demo of trials
  • More information about the modules
What is code signing in for software?

With code signing, a software developer uses a certificate to certify all code as 'legitimate from this manufacturer'. So with code signing you normally know for sure that something comes from, for example, SolarWinds.

Code signing certificates must be renewed periodically. The software manufacturer normally uses this certificate for all products it releases.

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