SolarWinds software

Modular construction – expandable step by step

SolarWinds offers a complete monitoring solution for your Network Management, Application Management, System Management and Storage, Security, Database Management and Helpdesk. The strength of SolarWinds is its modular structure and simple visualization: the underlying modules are integrated with each other for optimal insight and overview.

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SolarWinds software

SolarWinds monitoring - an up-to-date view of your ICT environment

The various modules are integrated with each other, together forming a single application. Due to the modular design, insights from different sources can be combined for chain monitoring, trend analysis, and rapid problem analysis using correlations. The huge advantage is that it is possible to combine information from all installed modules in a single view. This immediately provides you with significantly better insight and overview. The look and feel of all views remain the same throughout the package. The data from the modules used is also combined in all other functionalities:

  • Type Views
    • Overzview
    • Device
    • Interface
    • Application
    • Protocol
    • Group
    • Service / chain
  • Maps - visualization of information
  • Management reports
  • Syslog
  • SNMP Traps
  • Events
  • Alerts

The combination of all information and the flexible dashboards make SolarWinds a very suitable solution for a huge number of different applications. For technical personnel, the information can be looked at an in-depth level, while help desk personnel may only want to see overviews. Clear dashboards can be set up especially for management that show the health of the entire IT environment.

Procyon Networks offers complete Network Monitoring environments using SolarWinds. We are specialized in the SolarWinds modules that are part of the Orion platform.

Frequently asked questions

What is SolarWinds Orion?

SolarWinds Orion is a monitoring system for heterogeneous ICT environments that can monitor ICT systems brand-independently.

Due to the modular design of SolarWinds Orion, it can monitor your complete ICT infrastructure. Think of the network, servers, applications, databases, storage, security and even application and network performance.

The presentation of the collected data is completely flexible and can be individually arranged in the dashboards as desired.

The SolarWinds API is so extensive that you can read all information automatically and perform actions. SolarWinds Orion can therefore be fully integrated with, for example, CMDB and provisioning systems.

SolarWinds Orion is the definition of complete outside-the-box monitoring.

How can I get more information about SolarWinds Orion modules?

Please contact our specialized SolarWinds employees for:

  • Purchase and renewals of the software
  • Independent advice (software, installation and implementation)
  • Choice in training courses
  • Support and custom scripting
  • Request demo of trials
  • More information about the modules
SolarWinds has its own online virtual classrooms. Why should I take a training at Procyon Networks?

Feedback from people who first followed the virtual classrooms shows that after our SolarWinds training they have a better overview, more in-depth knowledge and a better sense of context. Concepts of what is possible in SolarWinds fit in much better in relation to each other.

In addition, our SolarWinds training courses are more interactive and our training courses are more tailor-made, even during the training.

What is the SolarWinds SCP exam?

SCP stands for SolarWinds Certified Professional. This exam is administered by SolarWinds.

I want to take the SolarWinds SCP exam. How can Procyon Networks help me prepare for this?

Procyon Networks can certainly help you with your preparation for the SolarWinds SCP exam*. We have developed the SolarWinds Master training especially for this.

*SCP stands SolarWinds Certified Professional

What is code signing in for software?

With code signing, a software developer uses a certificate to certify all code as 'legitimate from this manufacturer'. So with code signing you normally know for sure that something comes from, for example, SolarWinds.

Code signing certificates must be renewed periodically. The software manufacturer normally uses this certificate for all products it releases.

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