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With increasing complexity in your IT environment, the need for overview and insight also increases. A good monitoring tool is essential and with our help you can make the most of the tool. Collecting data is not so much the trick. SolarWinds visualizes the data in such a way and with many out-of-the-box views that a flying start is easily achieved. With our specialized consultancy and training, Procyon Networks helps you get the very best out of SolarWinds.

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Procyon Networks and SolarWinds

SolarWinds offers an extremely professional, affordable and modular monitoring solution. The package is designed in such a way that it is intuitive and easy to use immediately after implementation. That is the strength of the monitoring package, yet it can do so much more.

Procyon Networks’ specialists repeatedly surprise IT managers and network administrators by making the extensive functionalities and extras visible when setting up the SolarWinds monitoring system. You will receive dashboards with valuable management information about your business processes and functionalities, allowing technicians from different disciplines to proactively manage.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we will help you gain the maximal potential of your IT-monitoring environment.

Procyon Networks will help you get the best out of SolarWinds:

  • 24/7 real-time overview in one dashboard
    • Network components
    • Servers
    • Applications
    • Databases
    • Storage
    • Cloud
  • Advanced alerting and escalation
  • Brand independent overview and insight
  • Management dashboards
  • Status overview of your business processes (chain monitoring)
  • Technical and help desk dashboards
  • Real-time information
  • Proactive network management; prevention of malfunctions
  • Zoom in to lowest component (drill down)
  • Easy interpretation of complex data
  • Trending en capacity management
  • Extensive reports
  • Continuous software development and updates

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Frequently asked questions

Bij code signing wordt door een softwareontwikkelaar een certificaat gebruikt om alle code te certificeren als 'legitiem van deze producent'. Dus bij code signing weet je normaal gesproken zeker dat iets van bijvoorbeeld SolarWinds afkomt.

Code signing certificaten moeten periodiek worden verlengd. De softwareproducent gebruikt dit certificaat normaal gesproken voor alle producten die zij uitbrengt.

Neemt u contact op met onze gespecialiseerde SolarWinds medewerkers voor:

  • Aanschaf en renewals van de software
  • Onafhankelijk advies (software, installatie en inrichting)
  • Mogelijkheden van trainingen
  • Support en maatwerk scripting
  • Demo of trials aanvragen
  • Meer informatie over de modules
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